Tony Danza hates 16 Blocks

Setting: the Warner Bros. screening room on West 53rd Street, where a standing-room-only crowd is waiting for the start of 16 Blocks, the new Bruce Willis film.  Actually, we’re waiting for the arrival of Tony Danza and his entourage, who arrive late and occupy coveted last row seats.

The lights lower and the film begins.  Despite glares from those around him, Danza proceeds to mock, curse, and laugh throughout the screening.  I’ve sat through my share of Bruce Willis losers, Richard Donner too, but in 16 Blocks they both seem trying to make a movie instead of posturing.  Danza doesn’t have to like 16 Blocks, or even comprehend that it is different from the average Willis vehicle, but he might show some courtesy to people who are actually trying to watch and judge the film.  Maybe being boorish is part of his shtick.

It used to be part of mine–I was fired from MGM after showing up drunk for a screening of Yes, Giorgio, which I proceeded to laugh at through its entirety.  In a rare example of justice, everyone else connected with Yes, Giorgio eventually got fired as well.  I wonder how Danza would respond if people behaved similarly at one of his song-and-dance shows.


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